We’ve made remarkable strides toward attaining MDGs-Nkanza

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Government has made remarkable strides towards the attainment of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on education.

Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education Permanent Secretary Patrick Nkanza said the increase in the budgetary allocation to the sector was proof of the PF government’s commitment to attaining the MDGs in the sector.

Dr. Nkanza explained that the annual recruitment of over 5,000 teachers was further testimony of government’s commitment to improving both staffing levels and education standards in the country.

He further explained that government was increasing access to education in order to enable all eligible children to be enrolled in schools across the country.

He said government has continued to purchase both teaching aids and other educational requisites in order to improve learners’ performance in schools.

Dr. Nkanza has since urged all stakeholders to work closely with the ministry if government is to realize its national and international goals.