Ephraim declines music awards

Ephraim Mutalange

HIGHLY-acclaimed Zambian gospel artiste Ephraim Mutalange has declined to be part of the impending Zambia Music Awards because he believes he cannot be assessed by a liquor promoting firm.  Ephraim has been nominated as best gospel artiste.

The artiste says his music is not a mere money-spinning talent but a ministry of good news that cannot be associated with a liquor brand.

Ephraim says as much as he appreciates the efforts of the organising committee comprising Zambian Breweries and National Arts Council of Zambia (NAC), he does not want to compromise and contrast the message in his songs by accepting an award from a liquor-promoting firm.

“I am not saying the awards are wicked or bad, all I am trying to put across is that it will be a huge contrast to receive an award for spreading the word of God in front of a Mosi lager advertisement,” he says.

Ephraim’s refusal to receive the NAC and Zambian Breweries promoted accolades comes a week after a sizeable number of musicians and producers diluted the awards describing them as flawed and an insult to the industry.

The musicians, who spoke through yet another ‘wrongly’ categorised nominee Mampi, said the accolades’ nominations lack merit and do not reflect a national musical industry that is fair, professional and ethical.

One wonders what will become of this highly publicised and anticipated award show.

Highly-anticipated in the sense that, people want to see the outcome of these awards albeit negative or positive.