Irate Choma farmers besiege DACO office

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Angry farmers this morning besieged the office of the District Agriculture Coordinator (DACO) in Choma protesting against failure to access subsidized fertiliser.

The irate farmers who vowed not to leave the DACO’s office until they were given a satisfactory answer as to why they cannot be given fertilizer, only reluctantly dispersed after being addressed by District Commissioner Golden Nyambe.

The farmers complained to Mr Nyambe that they have suffered a great deal as they have been spending nights in the cold waiting to receive fertilizer from Omnia Fertiliser Company but to no avail.

Speaking on behalf of the angry farmers, Stanley Moyo lamented that life has become so unbearable for the farmers as many of them are going without meals because they have run out of money for both
lodging and food.

Mr Moyo told the District Commissioner that farmers have been subjected to inhuman treatment by Omnia fertilizer Company which they accused of failing to provide any answer as to why they cannot get the commodity.

But Mr Nyambe assured the angry farmers that they will receive their fertilizer by Friday.

Mr Nyambe blamed the situation on Omnia fertilizer Company which he said has lamentably failed to meet its contractual obligation.