Young farmer survives buffalo attack

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A 21 year – old young man in Zambezi district escaped death after an attack from a suspected stray buffalo over the week-end.

Zambezi District Commissioner, Catherine Mukuma who confirmed the incident to ZANIS today, identified the victim as Christopher Maseka of Chifwisha village in Kashima area of Senior chief Ishindi of
Zambezi district.

Ms Mukuma who visited Maseka in Zambezi district hospital said although the victim sustained deep cuts on the body including the private parts his condition was stable.

She said she has since contacted Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) regional office in Solwezi who have indicated that they will send officers to Zambezi this week.

Maseka, who was complaining of chest pain, told ZANIS on his hospital bed that he was coming from his field when he found some trucks of the buffalo.

He said he tried to follow the truck but could not find the beast and when he turned back to continue his journey home, he saw a buffalo charging on him.

He said when it tried to hit him with its forehead, he fortunately quickly held its horns and stuck on its forehead.

Maseka said the buffalo shook and throw him in the bushes behind it where he took cover while the animal ran away.

Meanwhile, Lillian Shanzala, a Medical Licentiate who was found in the ward when ZANIS visited the hospital, said Maseka was very serious when he was bought in but his condition later stabilised.

However, police in Solwezi had not yet received the report by press time.