Kasempa to have new schools

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The Ministry of Education, Science Vocational Training and Early Education has this year released more than KR 2000,000 for construction of five primary schools and 20 staff  houses in Kasempa district.
Kasempa District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Evans Kamwana, confirmed to ZANIS in an interview, adding that the funds have already been deposited and construction will commence once a contractor is secured.
Mr Kamwana said communities who reside in areas where the schools would be constructed have already been sensitized on the need to contribute to the project and that some communities have responded favorably.
Among the areas that would benefit from the five schools this year are Shishamba, Kamusongolwa, Kabikondo, Kamakunka and Jibombo.
Mr Kamwana disclosed that government’s intention to take development in all corners of Zambia is visible in Kasempa as the five learning institutions would be spread in west, south and east of the district.
He further urged communities to participate fully in the construction of the   schools and staff houses by contributing local materials in order for the projects to be completed in time.
The District Education Board Secretary cited community contribution as the major challenge that hinders most projects from being completed in time, adding that some communities fail to provide the local materials as certain areas have no such resources.
And in another development, five schools in Kasempa had their roofs blown off by heavy rains that were experienced two weeks ago.
Mr Kamwana stated that reports have already been submitted to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) and his office is just waiting for response.
He identified the schools as Kasempa, Katenda, Nselauke, and Miyombe Basic where each school had one by two classroom block roof blown off and one staff house at Kabele Basic School.
DMMU Regional Coordinator, Peter Kabaso, confirmed having received a report for only Kasempa Basic School.



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