Govt. to soon re-introduce defunct Mechanical Services Department

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Government through the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication will soon re-introduce the defunct Mechanical Services Department which will be in charge of maintaining all government vehicles.

And government is making efforts to make the government Transport Control Unit, a fully fledged department under the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication.

Newly appointed Permanent Secretary in charge of Works and Supply Julius Shawa said government is loosing colossal sums of money in repairing its fleet from private garages hence the need to revamp the mechanical services department to be working on all government vehicles.

Mr. Shawa was speaking when he officially opened a five-day workshop for Government Transport Control Unit staff at Fringila lodge in Chisamba District today.

Mr. Shawa said private garages are charging huge sums to repair government vehicle which he said could be saved if the mechanical services department is introduced.

He said government wants to introduce cost effective way of managing government fleet of transport to ensure that public resources are used cost effectively and in accordance with the laid down rules and regulations.

The Permanent Secretary noted that the upgrading of the Unit into a fully fledged department will create jobs for many youths with transport qualifications and will bring sanity and efficiency in the management of government transport.

He added that government is encouraging the use of computerized fuel accounting which will require fuel issued to be closely monitored throughout its usage so that it is not pilfered or misappropriated.

And speaking earlier, Controller of Government Transport John Kasanga said the introduction of transport allowance in government has brought sanity in the way government transport is being managed as there is no misuse of government transport.

Mr. Kasanga congratulated his officers from all the nine province for implementing government policy in the management of government transport and stoping reckless movement of vehicles at awkward hours.

He noted that the tendency of using government transport at awkward hours had drastically reduced following the new measures put in place.

He however disclosed that the unit faces challenges such as understaffing especially at district levels where the unit has no representation making difficult to monitor movements of government fleet of transport.

The workshop which has brought together all provincial transport controllers is expected to close on Friday this week.