FODEP happy with suspension of Livingstone Council

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Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has praised government for suspending the Lvingstone City Council for alleged gross misconduct involving the suspension of senior council staff.

Foundation Executive Director MacDonald Chipenzi says the decision by government is an eye opener to various councilors in the country not over step their mandate.

Mr. Chipenzi explained to ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today, that the decision to discipline any senior council staff is a preserve of the Local Government Service Commission.

He said the council was wrong and has since urged council officials to acquaint themselves with the functions of the Local Government Service Commission and understand their roles and functions.

He noted that this is the only way that councilors will be able to understand their duties in the presence of commission and stop politicising the issue.

Last week government suspended the Livingstone City Council for resolving to suspend Town Clerk Vivian Chikoti, Director of Public Health George kumoyo and Acting Director of Engineering Renny Shindelele.

Minister of Local Government and Housing Emerine Kabanshi said the decision to override the functions of the Local Government Service Commission to suspend the Town Clerk and two officers was illegal, null and void and has since noted that the affected officers will continue to serve in their respective positions.

Meanwhile in another development FODEP has appealed to government to do more sanitizations on the integrated card that it plans to introduce this year.

Executive Director MacDonald Chipenzi said there is need for government to create awareness and education on the card owing to the role that it will play especially in the voting process.

He stated that government needs to explain to the members of public the advantages that the integrated card will have when it is used as a national identity and a voter’s card.

He said this is the only way the pronouncement will not create suspicions and win the trust of the people in the country.

Mr. Chipenzi further added that there is also need for government to involve various stakeholders in the process for the benefit of the people.

Yesterday Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu announced that government will this year launch a national integrated card that will also be used for voting.

He said the process will be done in collaboration with the Electoral Commission of Zambia so that it can be used as a national identity and voter’s card, adding that this will mean that government will phase out the National Registration Card.