ZDDM accuses KK of being PF recruitment officer

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Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) leader Edwin Sakala has accused former first President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda of being a Patriotic Front recruit officer.

Mr. Sakala who was speaking today when he addressed members of the press at Court Yard Hotel in Lusaka said Dr. Kaunda instead of uniting the political party leaders has being in the forefront dividing and misleading politicians in the country.

Dr. Kaunda during last year’s general elections told the Zambian people that President Sata was not a presidential material but it is surprising to see Dr. Kaunda today stand up in public and again call out the Zambian people to support President Sata, he said.

Mr. Sakala said it was time that President Sata called for an inter-party meeting and tables the issues affecting the country. He further stressed that the PF government cannot manage to stand alone and find solutions but that they need the support from every Zambian.

He noted that it is very sad to see that most politicians spend their productive time quarrelling at the expense of sharing productive ideas for the benefit of all Zambians.

Meanwhile ZDDM vice president Charles Kafumbo has said his party will any time this week go and camp, fast at the police Headquarters until the police assures them of professional police operations.

Mr. Kafumbo said it is sad that the police have continued to take a partisan role and persecute politicians on the expense of their role to protect citizens.

He said President Sat should further declare a month of prayers for the country after the country has in recent months  recorded a number of ritual murder cases.

Mr. Kafumbo said the ritual killings could be a sign that the country is under a curse that needs to be broken.