Kariba ward councillor Mulundu intervenes in labour dispute in Siavonga

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Kariba ward councillor in Siavonga District  Darius Mulundu has today saved the Chao Chao,  a Chinese construction company management  in Siavonga from being assaulted by irate workers who were demanding KR 150 as gratuity.

ZANIS reports from Siavonga that Mr. Mulundu hurriedly held a closed door meeting with the Chinese firm’s management  to negotiate for the workers, most of whom were employed on contracts which had ended.

After a protracted negotiation the management, the councillor sealed a deal for the company to pay
the pay workers KR100 as a thank you for their loyalty to the company and not as a gratuity as demanded earlier.

Earlier on , the irate workers  staged a peaceful demonstration demanding payment of gratuity after their contracts were terminated.
However, management had earlier on refused to  meet the workers  saying it was only going to do so for workers who had worked for more than six months in accordance with the labour laws of the
And over 30 workers at Chao Chao company have been laid off after the company’s  contract with Kariba North Bank Extension Power came to an end yesterday.

The company was contracted by the Utility firm to construct roads at its new stuff compound