Suspected Adulterer charged for Arson in Monze District

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POLICE in Monze District have arrested and charged a man with arson for allegedly setting a house ablaze in which his key witness in his Adultery case was sleeping.

According to Police sources in the area,  the 15 year old victim Chimbwe Chimbwe sustained multiple burns on the body including his private parts which were burned beyond recognition.

Sadly Chimbwe died yesterday at Monze District Hospital where he was admitted and his body is currently lying in the hospital mortuary awaiting post mortem.

Police confirmed that the incident occurred on January 16th, 2013 around 01:00 hours at Munakampe village in Chief Hamusonde’s area and property worth KR 5,000.00 was completely destroyed in the inferno.

According to the police, the deceased’s uncle , Mr. Richard Hachilala aged 38 years of Hakunkula area in Lochnvar Game Park reported to the matter to police.

Hachilala confirmed to police that  the burnt house was his and was set ablaze by unknown people and that his nephew was terribly burnt while asleep in the same house.

But police sources said that the truth was that at some point, the deceased found the suspect Charles Chezela committing adultery with the wife of his Uncle Richard Hachilala.

The matter was already before Hamusonde local court and the deceased happened to be the key witness who was suppose to testify before the court.

It is believed that it was due to this fact that the suspect decided to take life of deceased Chimbwe , in order to prevent him from testifying in the local court.

The suspect is currently in police custody to help the police with investigations.