Floods threaten crop harvest in Sikongo District

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Kalabo District Commissioner [DC] Ireen Mate says the recent floods in the newly established Sikongo District would cause crop harvest failure this 2012/2013 farming season in the district.

Mrs. Mate says that the floods this year in Sikongo District were affecting most fields such as the rice and cassava fields which she said were submerged.

The District Commissioner said this in an interview with ZANIS in Kalabo, today.

She said that the most affected areas were Nene, Kanjinda, Luhole, Kachamisa, Mangu, and Liundu to mention but a few.

The DC said that at Liundu some toilets the villagers were using also submerged in floods and as such people were being forced to answer the call of nature in the floods posing a health hazard that could result into an epidemic adding that the water table for their ordinary drinking water wells had also risen.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Mate said that the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU )  team that went to assess the flood situation in Sikongo would sit and come up with a report about the severe floods that hit the area.

And an indigenous Sikongo senior citizen Induna Sindandumuna Simunji Lutaka said that the last time Sikongo was hit with such severe floods was in 1956.