Mwinilunga Mother calls for SOS for her baby with a tumor

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A Mwinilunga District based mother who has a five month old baby with a strange Tumor is appealing for financial help from the government and other well wishers to enable her access specialist treatment for her baby.

Ms Rose Polandi aged 37 years, narrated that her baby, Kukeng’a Ifota was born with a small tumor on her back which has continued to grow bigger, thereby inflicting severe pain to the baby.

Polandi said she took the baby recently to Mwinilunga district hospital, but was referred to Solwezi general hospital.

At Solwezi General Hospital , she was again referred to the University Teaching Hospital  (UTH ) in Lusaka for specialist treatment.

She lamented that what has compounded the situation was that her husband recently deserted the matrimonial home .

She said her husband accused her that it was because she  allegedly stole someone’s property which could have resulted into a curse or witchcraft that resulted her  into giving birth to a baby born with a grown tumor.

Mwinilunga  District Commissioner (DC), Masela Sekeseke empathized on both the mother and her child saying government and other well wishers should move in quickly to address the situation.

Mr. Sekeseke said the pain caused by the tumor on an innocent baby was too much for both the child and its mother who need government and well wishers’  quick financial assistance.

Polandi lives in Nyangombi area, east of Mwinilunga district.

President Michael Sata has since becoming Republican President helped a number of ordinary citizens to access a medical services at the country’s main referral hospital , the UTH.