Nkoya Royal Establishment participates in the Mongu constitution making process

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The Nkoya Royal Establishment in Kaoma district of Western province have commended the delegates sitting in Mongu deliberating on the constitution making process for adopting the clause for Zambia as a unitary state, which is indivisible. ZANIS reports that the Nkoya Royal Establishment spokesperson, Mwanashihemi Jackson Mahepo said this in a statement, today. Mr. Mahepo said the unanimous voting for the unitary clause enshrined in the constitution by the delegates has once again defeated the stubborn and selfish elements that are always in reverse and retrogressive. He said the participation of the two Nkoya Royal Highnesses Chiefs Mutondo and Kahare together with their counterpart Chief Chiyengele of the Mbunda speaking people for joining the rest of the country in ensuring that Zambia develops a people driven constitution, which will stand a test of time in the history of the country. The Mwanashihemi has however, advised those who have boycotted the on-going constitution making process as reported in some various sections of the media in Western province to quickly revisit their decision before it becomes late as the repercussions will be bad on them. Mr. Mahepo has also called on all Nkoya speaking people to come in numbers in order to participation in the consultative meeting in Kaoma district on Monday January 21, 2013 to once again defend the Mankoyaland from being hijacked by the opportunists during the determination of district boundaries for newly created Nkeyema and Luampa districts. He said the Nkoya speaking people will always work with the PF government in order to contribute to the development of the country.