Taxi driver killers confess

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POLICE have said two Lusaka teenagers have confessed to the gruesome murder of taxi driver Mathews Chipili in Roma last week.

Police have identified one boy as Pizya Mulunda, 16, commonly known as Sean of Old Roma and this newspaper has withheld the name of the other boy, who is only 14, of Kalundu.
Mr Chipili’s facial skin was peeled off, eyes gouged, tongue plucked out and nose sliced in one of the most gruesome murders only comparable to that of Ruth Mbandu last July. His throat was also pulled out.
Lusaka Province police commissioner Joyce Kasosa said the two juvenile suspects were arrested on Tuesday and later led the police to the scene of crime where they also demonstrated how they murdered Mr Chipili, 20.
She said in Lusaka yesterday during an interaction breakfast meeting between the Zambia Police Service and the media that the police have concluded investigations and that the suspects will appear in court on Monday.
“We have concluded investigations into the murder of taxi driver Mr Chipili,” Ms Kasosa said, “and we have arrested two juvenile suspects. These suspects confessed killing Mr Chipili when they were arrested and they also led us to the scene of the crime.”
Ms Kasosa added: “When they were asked why they killed Mr Chipili, they said that they wanted the car so that they could sell it. They also demonstrated to us how Mr Chipili was murdered.”
Police have also recovered the vehicle the two suspects snatched from Mr Chipili and a knife suspected to have been used to skin him.
Ms Kasosa told journalists on Thursday that police have also recovered two rifles and a pistol, which one of the suspects got illegally from his father’s bedroom, with which they were armed.
She said a Toyota Camry registration number AAZ 6510 was recovered from Solomon car park in John Howard on December 22, 2012.
“They were interested in selling the car so that they could raise money to enjoy themselves,” she said.
She said the teenagers have been charged with murder, contrary to Section 200 of the Penal Code chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia, and aggravated robbery.
“I can confirm that we have in our custody two teenagers who were arrested on Christmas Day and they are appearing in court on Monday. We are confident that we are going to receive a positive court outcome,” she said.
And police in Lusaka have arrested five people for illegally manufacturing and selling fake maize seed, which was hidden in Roma Extension.
Ms Kasosa identified the suspects as Saviour Mukuwa, 38, of Chipata, Davie Phiri, 28, of Kabanana Site and Service, Kennedy Chijikwa, 29, of Chipata, Eddy Chiseke, 28, of Garden and Manfred Malambo, 24, of Olympia Extension.
She said the suspects were arrested on November 29, 2012 following a tip-off from members of the public.
Ms Kasosa said the suspects have been charged with false or misleading representations contrary to Section 47 subsection (a) (1) Amendment Act Number 24 of 2010 of the Competition and Consumer Protection Cap 417 of the Laws of Zambia.
“We received information from members of the public that there is this activity going on and, indeed, when we followed [it] up we found people packaging the maize seed with some chemical and grain and other maize seed which they had painted,” she said.
Ms Kasosa said the five suspects have already appeared in court and are on police bond.