FAZ convenes for Kabwe AGM

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EIGHT months after suspending business following the re-election of president Kalusha Bwalya and his executive, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) council reconvenes in Kabwe today to brainstorm and conclude all outstanding matters from the last gathering.

During the March 31 gathering at Moba Hotel in Kitwe, the FAZ council gave Kalusha a fresh four-year mandate to govern the local sport when he triumphed with a landslide score over his former deputy, Emmanuel Munaile.

Boniface Mwamelo, who was elevated from treasurer to vice-president following the resignation of four officials from the executive in 2010, retained his post after defeating Henschel Chitembeya, one of the committee members who had quit, Andre Mtine and Mofya Chisala by a wide margin.

Kelvin Mutafu, who was co-opted into the executive as treasurer after the confusion that had engulfed the association two years ago, won-back his post when he beat former treasurer, Rix Mweemba.

The elections also saw Pivoty Simwanza, who had resigned in 2012, topping the list of elected committee members and was joined at Football House by Richard Kazala, Lee Kawanu, Jeff Chipilingu, Happy Munkondya and Lenny Nkhuwa.

Apart from elections, the March meeting also dealt with the FAZ financial report which was presented by Mutafu.

However, today’s gathering at Mulungushi University, formerly Mulungushi Rock of Authority, in the outskirts of Kabwe, will be to finish up some outstanding business from the elective annual general meeting.

According to a circular from FAZ general secretary, George Kasengele dated November 21 to the executive and affiliates, only items from the elective meeting will be discussed and that no new ideas will be allowed.

“Being a reconvened Annual General Meeting adjourned on March 31, 2012, business will commence promptly at 10:00 hours as the quorum is already formed,” the circular read in part.

Some of the items to be discussed include the appointment of the FAZ Appeals Committee and matters raised by affiliate members submitted in accordance with Article 26.2 of the FAZ constitution and other issues the executive may wish to propose.

The council will also look at matters submitted and approved by the FAZ executive committee prior to the commencement of the adjourned March council meeting.

In this meeting to be presided by Kalusha, the FAZ general secretary is also expected to present his annual report.

FAZ media and communications manager, Erick Mwanza urged the councillors to adhere to the internationally approved dress code of a jacket and neck tie.

Mwanza said FAZ business needed to be taken seriously and those members who would appear at Mulungushi University in track suits and other regalia would not be allowed to attend the meeting.

He said it was a FIFA and Confederation of African Football (CAF) requirement for members to dress appropriately for meetings.

“All delegates for the reconvened AGM need to wear jackets and neck ties.

Every FAZ member needs to comply with this requirement of the dress code. So it will be no jacket and neck tie, no AGM,” Mwanza said.

He advised member clubs to send at least two officials who were also expected to carry the documents which were distributed during the elective AGM in March.

The FAZ council will again meet in March next year to look at the 2012 season and plan for the future.