– Livingstone Museum urged to utilize the UNWTO opportunities

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opportunities *Livingstone Museum urged to utilize the UNWTO opportunities* * * *Livingstone , May 14 th , 2013, ZANIS —- *Government has advised the Livingstone Museum’s management to take advantage of the opportunities that the forth coming United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO ) summit would offer.**** ** ** Chiefs and Traditional Affairs minister Professor Nkandu Luo says the Museum’s management should utilize the UNWTO summit to turn the museum into an effective educational component.**** ** ** She said by turning the Museum into an educational component would help both local students to be on attachment as well as encourage student exchange programmes with other countries.**** ** ** ZANIS reports that the minister said this during a press briefing in Livingstone, today.**** She also urged officers in her ministry to look beyond the UNWTO to ensure that Heritage sites and Livingstone Museum continue raising revenue for the development of the country.**** “ I think as a ministry we should look beyond the UNWTO and be able to put place measures aimed at encouraging educational programmes at this museum and also look at how we can generate more revenue for the government’s developmental projects,” said Professor Luo.**** Professor Luo also expressed satisfaction at rate and quality of the on-going construction and rehabilitation of Heritage sites and the Livingstone Museum in readiness for the UNWTO. *