RB justifies endorsing President Lungu

HH greets RB. at the Kulamba Traditional Ceremony at Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi of the Chewa speaking people of Eastern Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique

Fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda says he has endorsed President Edgar Lungu in the forthcoming elections because he has a  democratic right as a citizen to endorse a candidate of his choice.

President Banda said there is nothing wrong in endorsing a candidate during polls because it is a practice world over so that best candidates can be elected to lead the nation.

Speaking at a public rally in Lundazi today the former head of state said President Lungu is the best candidate among the 9 who are contesting this year’s polls hence his endorsement.

 He said President Lungu has shown that he can govern the country and ensure development.

Mr. Banda has since urged the people of Zambia to give President Lungu a full term of office so that he can finish implementing the projects the PF has initiated.

He said the country cannot develop if its people keep changing governments within short periods.

Mr Banda said president Lungu has united the country by embracing all Zambians including those who do not agree with him.

The former president also called on the people of Zambia to vote ‘yes’ in the referendum to enhance people rights.

And President Lungu has welcomed President Banda’s endorsement saying Zambians should heed the advice to ensure the country does not scare away investors.

The President said currently the country has attracted investors who have invested in Zambia and called on Zambians to keep investors by not changing governments frequently.

The head of state said his government is already doing all what the opposition are promising to do for the country hence the need to stick to the current government.

He said the opposition political parties do not have any developmental agenda for the country hence their resorting to violence in the run up to the polls.

President Lungu who is in eastern province to campaign ahead of next week’s general elections said he is confident  that he will won the polls with more than 70% of the votes cast.

The President also addressed campaign rallies in Vubwi and Chadiza districts in eastern province.



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