PF cadres launch attack against UPND President Hakainde Hichilema


We were conducting our peaceful issue-based campaigns in Tendere, Mafinga Constituency, today when PF cadres launched an attack against UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his team.

The heavily armed known thugs from Lusaka came with all kinds of weapons, including stones and pangas that they used to provoke and hound our supporters.
Tendere residents, in fear of the marauding thugs and without any faith in the police to defend and protect their families, responded in panic.
This is what we have been calling on President Edgar Lungu to take note of as this chaos is getting out of hand.

We have repeatedly said the ongoing breakdown in law and order and the loss of confidence in public institutions, such as the police service and other security wings, will result in untold misery that could engulf the whole country.
This is the chaos that results when leadership fails to guarantee citizens the protection of the law and leadership fails to act against violence and ensure justice for its people.

What we are seeing now is pure political persecution by the PF, who have bussed cadres into the region from as far as Lusaka to pursue us on our tour following successful UPND rallies across Luapula, Northern and Muchinga Provinces.
It is unacceptable and reveals that PF supporters know no other way to vent their frustration or express their difference of opinion other than through violent means.




  1. But one day,things will turn the other round.Law z law and it must be respected no matter how desperate one maybe.The move to revisit the public order act was a good move to some extent,but pipo responsible offered it a deaf ear.pipo of mother zambia,my humble appeal z this,shall we respect evryones rights.