PF is keeping Zambians like dogs


A KABUSHI resident Joyce Chansa says the PF is keeping Zambians like dogs. And MMD leader Nevers Mumba says President Edgar Lungu is a joke and has told Ndola residents to show that they are annoyed with him. “Ba Lungu bena kuwayawayafye. Ala tulechula kuno ku Ndola; insala pa mayanda yakula. Bena bali ku Lusaka nokulya bwino beka nabanabo. Inshita ileisa elyo twalabalanga. Te change twalefwaya mu 2011 iyi iyakuchula. Twikala mu town but tulemoneka kwati twaba ku mushi. Imwe ba Mumba, nga mulefwaya ama vote, mwika chinja, mwika chenjela nga abanenu (President Lungu there is no seriousness. We are just suffering here in Ndola while he is in Lusaka enjoying with his friends). Time is coming and we will teach them a lesson. This is not the change we wanted in 2011, No! We live in town but we look like villagers because life has become very unbearable. So Mr Mumba, if we vote for you, please don’t change and become clever like your friends),” Chansa said.

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She said President Lungu was to blame for the poverty levels in most urban communities of Ndola because of the collapsing economy and it seemed there was no political will to uplift the living standards of the majority poor. Chansa said it does not make sense that poverty levels were still alarming, yet the government seemed to be blaming everything on the performance of the global economy and the opposition. “The problem we are being told it is global this and global that. And some ministers are very arrogant about these issues. This PF doesn’t listen and they think they will win. We shall meet next year because we can’t vote for a government that is keeping us hungry,” she said. And in addressing Kabushi residents and MMD members, Mumba said people should show the PF and President Lungu that they were upset with them by voting them out of government next year. “Balangeni ati namufulwa (show them that you are upset). This is the only way that he (Lungu) will know about your sufferings. Look at the prices of mealie-meal! The PF have given themselves a sucker punch because they are playing with people’s lives, mealie-meal is our way of life. They are now playing with jobs, there is grief of Copperbelt because of the PF,” Mumba said. “Look at the numbers of miners that have been retrenched! Zambia is mourning. If you remember, the MMD had put more emphasis on the mines to give Zambians jobs. So when you go to vote remember what you are going through under the PF. “They will suffer after next year because what will remain of PF is just the fist (party symbol). You should get upset with Chagwa Lungu for the misery he has brought on your children. Ba Copperbelt, get upset with this man. Mealie-meal is high, jobs are lost, show them that you are not happy. He is a joke. I urge you Copperbelt, next year, change this country from the poverty by voting tem out of government.” Earlier, Mumba said President Lungu should fast and pray now. He further said President Lungu must get into fasting over load-shedding and poverty so that he could feel the misery Zambians were going through. “If they continue living in luxury, they don’t know what we are going through. People are suffering in this country,” said Mumba.

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