Zambian mysteriously dies in South Africa


A Zambian is believed to have fallen to his death from a multi-storey building in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The body of the deceased, who has been identified as Ezekiel Banda of Lusaka was discovered around 04:00 hours this morning.

The circumstances under which Mr. Banda met his fate still remain unclear but people at the scene narrated that around 04:00 hours, the deceased is believed to have left his apartment on the sixth floor before he died.

Security personnel at the apartments building situated on Kerk Street, central Johannesburg, are said to have alerted the deceased’s colleagues after the body was discovered caught up in some bars on its way to the ground.

Police and the fire brigade manage to retrieve the body hours later.

The four, believed to be employees of a construction company based in Lusaka, are said to have come to Johannesburg about four days ago to attend a short course and were scheduled to return to Zambia today.

Zambia Association in South Africa (ZASA) president, Mr. Ferdinand Simaanya confirmed the circumstances in which Mr. Banda died pointing out that the matter has been reported to the police who will now institute investigations.

This according to a statement issued by the High Commission of Zambia press secretary Nicky Shabolyo.