The police under the leadership of Stella Libongani have become lukewarm causing suspected criminals get away with crimes.
There has been a lot of political violence reported in the Country but the investigations are so poor that cadres continue getting away with serious crimes. If police can’t investigation and successful help the courts to punish perpetrators of violence, which is mostly done in full view of the general public including police officers, who do you expect them to deal with complicated crimes.
How is it that the police have failed to arrest people that smashed the UPND secretariat in Kitwe?
From my experience after assault, guess arrest of one person in Nalolo attack is just Window dressing like thick brown foundation on a dark lady trying to look lighter than she is. This case will go nowhere like what happened in my case.
I actually find it injustice to punish one person when the crime was committed by many people. This is why I abandoned my case because the police where highly compromised.
The problem is that most police officers have gone political to the extent that citizens are suffering injustice depending on how politically inclined the particular officer is.
But this is not supposed to be the case if the Inspector General is on her tolls. Stella Libongani is not motivating to her junior, she appears to be occupying an office too big for her capacity.
This is worrisome as we go towards 2016 because next year’s elections will be a do or die and you don’t need an IG who only knows how to salute at the airport. You need a zealous and alert IG like Hatanga though she has also not reviewed to us what happened at The Post Newspapers.
People like Stella Libongani are only surviving because PF has also become sluggish in sorting out National issues. President Lungu need to jerk up and sort out his people otherwise the buck stops at him.

Chilufya Tayali