Zesco distributes over 315, 000 energy saving bulbs


The power utility company, Zesco Limited, has so far distributed 315, 000 energy saving bulbs for the past two months in an effort to mitigate the power deficit Zambia is currently facing.
ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata says the company is almost concluding the distribution of these energy saving bulbs in North Western Province where they are spending colossal sums of money on operations and diesel.
Mr. Kapata tells QFM News that the company commenced the distribution of the first one million energy-saving bulbs in Lusaka in an effort to mitigate the current power deficit in the country.


Mr. Kapata says the one million energy-saving bulbs project is aimed at helping save 50 megawatts of electricity once they are in use countrywide.
He explains that ordinary bulbs are inefficient as they only use about 10 percent of the energy for lighting while 90 percent is wasted as heat.