Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A TWENTY-EIGHT-YEAR-OLD student has been sentenced to 10-days community service at Nkrumah University of Kabwe for criminal trespass and hurling unpalatable language.
Angel Muyangana, appeared before Kabwe principal resident magistrate John Mbuzi for criminal trespass and was alleged to have entered the learning institution on September 22, this year, with intent to annoy but he denied the charge.
During trial, the State called four witnesses among them Nkrumah University dean of students, Edmond Muleya who testified that he was in his office when he heard someone hurling insults.
He later invited the student to his office and questioned him why he was using distasteful language in public.

Mr Muleya informed the court that the accused, explained that he was at the university to pay for his niece’s fees and later changed his statement and continued his verbal assault.
Mr Muleya narrated that he explained to the accused that fees were not paid at the university, but through the bank, but later stormed out of the office while insulting which incensed other students, who then chased him.
He was later apprehended by the students and was handed over to security.
A senior lecturer at the university, Obert Chiliboyi, said he was disturbed by the noise and felt ashamed the abusive language was not in line with the institution’s stance of promoting good morals among students.
Smart Siame, a security guard said the behaviour of the student was shocking and that he assisted in apprehending and surrendering him to the police where a docket was opened.
The arresting officer, Webster Chisama said he arrested and charged, Muyangana, after he failed to provide a satisfactory answer to his conduct.
In his defence, after being found with a case to answer, Muyangana justified that his insults were not directed at the lecturers or institution but at his girlfriend who was ignoring his phone calls.
He disclosed that he was responsible for paying his girlfriends’ fees and was not happy that she was not picking up her phone when he visited the school and called his girlfriend only identified as Amanda.
Amanda informed the court that she was a student at Nkrumah University and also stated that Muyangana was her fiancée and not his niece as earlier claimed.
In passing sentence Magistrate Mbuzi said Muyangana’s behaviour was uncalled for but was exercising leniency, being a first offender and a student.
He ordered that he cleans the university premises for 10 days after which, a report be issued by the dean of students.