Kelvin & Miles Sampa fallout


PF Kasama Central candidate Kelvin Sampa says he is interested to know why Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa resigned from government in the manner that he did.
Mr. Sampa says this especially that the Matero Member of Parliament was appointed to be his campaign manager for the anticipated Kasama Central Parliamentary by-election.


He has told Qfm News from Kasama by telephone that from the time that he resigned from his position as Commerce Deputy Minister Mr. Sampa has not spoken to him.
Mr. Sampa notes that this is however not to say that his decision to step down from his position in government must not be respected.
Mr. Sampa is of the view that if the Matero Member of Parliament wants to serve the people in a different way his decision should be welcomed as it is not a bad idea.
He states that this is why he personally does not want to dwell much on the reasons why Mr. Sampa has decided to resign from government.