Dr Simbyakula files for divorce

Ngosa Simbyakula
Ngosa Simbyakula

JUSTICE minister Dr Ngosa Simbyakula has sued his wife, Margaret, for divorce in the Lusaka High Court.

According to a statement of claim filed in court, Dr Simbyakula stated that the couple had lived apart for a continuous period of eight years.

He stated that the two lawfully married in 1983 at the United Church of Zambia, Trinity Congregation in Lusaka.

Dr Simbyakula also stated that his wife was a retiree, who resided in Lusaka’s Olympia Park area and that they have five children together.

He submitted that their marriage had broken down irretrievably and prayed that the court dissolves it.

Dr Simbyakula stated that the couple had arranged that he would provide maintenance for Margaret and three of the children.

He prayed that the couple be granted joint custody of three of the children – Ngosa, Malikana and Njekwa.

Dr Simbyakula asked the court to grant him ancillary relief for property settlement and that parties should bear their own costs of the action.

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