“Emmanuel Nyirongo punished for being a fake prophet” – Readers

Prophet Emmanuel Nyirongo

Following the death of prominent Kitwe man of God, prophet Emmanuel Nyirongo yesterday, some people have described his death as a punishment for being a fake prophet.

Among his prominent miracles, prophet Nyirongo  turned water into paraffin and transferred K50 worth of air time to one of his church members during a church service.

This send airwaves on various social media platform with some people dismissing him as fake whilst others labeled him a magician.


Cephas Machasa said, “These are the results of being a fake prophet mwalapwa ukumfwa bamambala lesa nimalyotola tewakutumpaika oyo!!! Original prophets were able to see their fate. Talk of Jesus, Abraham, Samuel and go on asa @ izi mbwalala mwalapwa bafikambapp”.

Ben Mpala Chanda  also said,”If he could  turn water as paraffin why couldn’t he too see an accident. Earlier prophets never even used man made machines let alone to die unpredictably. That man was a witch doctor who changed into a prophet for the love of material no wonder all his miracles were material linked—God is never mocked for we shall reap what we are sowing.

“This should be a lesson and a wake up call to all magicians claiming to be prophets……..He’s sorting you out one by one….wapya baisa!!!! wrote Calvin C Kapombe

Mockingly, Steve DoroHefie Stevens said prophet Nyirongo should have turned the car into a jet.

In his last Facebook post before his death, Prophet Nyirongo, “It’s tomorrow or never. Prophecy will rain like water in the service tomorrow, our eyes will see wonders.Are you ready? I feel in my spirit to prophesy to 200 people. Who is online?


  1. Paraffin issue???? Energywitchcraft&wizardly
    +magic.God help us. The turning of water into wine was for the purpose. 1st miracle for Jesus. Open your eyes widely.

  2. Atleast respect the man…he is dead.unless you hold your life in ur hands. Our lives are in God’s hands He alone gives and takes. If it were that punishment for sins comes here to us on earth,you guys talking would have long died because we all do sin. What wrong did this man do if i may ask?did he hurt anyone with his miracles?did it affect you in anyway?atleast he preached Christ,magician or not. Leave him alone to rest

  3. if Jesus died wat of him pliz pipo stp blamin him only God knwz if he wz true o not u,continue judging him,if uv nevr sinnd contiue coz u thnk u ar God,nd u will receive a cursed that wil never b uprooted in lyf,,,rip bro

  4. Zambia is best known for such kind of reporting ‘PHD’ kind of. We keep on getting so much concerns about what others are fairing either neg/pos when ourselves have only succeded in failing and talking about other people’s achievements.

  5. No judging yes and mhsrip but my question is why turn water into paraffin or what ever, people please don’t just criticize read and study the bible. If water was turned into juice to feed the hungry or thirsty yes understandable but that am sorry will never agree…may God watch over him

  6. okay people shouldn’t judge…we all don’t know if he was lying or not besides we are all human*sinners*..prophets are human just like you and me..God is equl he loves us equally so everyone should just pray on their own and reduce going to prophets…if God can listen to the prophet why can’t he listen to you…

  7. If jesus himself died,a person who claimed to be God…who are we 2 judge a fellow being like that?christianity is just a religion and not a god…if u criticize his dids because of his religious position,then u must be dumb enough to realize that he was only human…#R_I_P_bro…

    • like i said…am not into this jesus fairy tale…the only God I know is the first wonder of the world,such that no man has ever seen him before…#be_realistic… I hate it when people claim to know a lot about God…please question your religion and find out why it has got so many denominations contradicting each other,ain’t that misleading enough?..#wake_up_people

  8. Some comments how would you feel if its your relative or someone close to you and people pass irrelevant comments honestly? No man has power over death prophet, pastor, bishop etc they are all human none of them is God they are not Christ they are just his ambassadors on earth..please let’s have respect for the dead and their families.. May grace of God be upon us that we maybe part of his kingdom.. Jesus was doubted and crucified why is it so had to believe that with God all things are possible? Are you sure the devil has more power than God? Trust in God he is the author of life!

  9. such utterances are not good about the man of God . who says this is God ‘s punishment because he does not punish us as our sins deserve. we should learn more about the purpose for miracles and what are miracles. even christ did make bread twice , there always a reason as to why we must appreciate any miracles. beware lest you sin against the holy spirit check your headline s

  10. Admin better watch your tongue, these are not politics, there are people, family members & church members mourning cause they have lost a dear brother,one who comforted & showed them the way. so whether fake or real prophet, leave things of God alone from your business.

  11. But ur pipo why ar u like this is it yo problem u better maid yo on issues only our father in heaven knows u ar jx westing yo time dont have others things to do than talking on sameone whos gone may God hav mercy on u pipo

  12. you people y are you behaving like the chilld or how can fill if it was you?Dont judge you have no right to say bad words about him the more you say the more you are cursing yourselves,busy talking usless words chack your life and were are you standing,may God see you through you Dont know what you are doing!my his SRP

  13. I wonder y we take time 2 judge others instead of judging ourselves….thats da duty of God 2 judge nt u and i, its high tym we need 2 reflect on our lives and check if we live right b4 our God. Being a false or true prophet does nt concern any of us…he has done his part, its him nw wit God…may his work follow him and my condolences 2 da family….

  14. who told u he was a fake prophet,do u know tht u can be sued for this,,muleisala ifikanwa,if u dnt hv news beta u stay at yo stupid homes thta publishing ill stories,atase!

  15. Do u have evidence that his death is punishment? I also questioned his prophecies and miracles, but who am I to judge him? Leave everything to the Creator. Who knows maybe he was taken by the Creator himself.

  16. Whether he was fake or real, its not your duty to pas judgement. The only one who knew him from within and without is God The bible clearly states that judge not. & please curb those confusion & let him be mourned with dignity.

  17. Anyway whether he was fake he was a father to someone,an uncle to someone,a caretaker to someone in short he had people that depended on his hands I don’t think it’s helping blasting him when he is dead, we had time to correct him when he was alive for now let’s leave our brother man alone it’s now between him and his creator.

  18. Come on, everyone dies. Nyirongo was still going to die whether he was a fake prophet or not. Are all people dying in road accidents & other accidents paying for their sins? no. God can let a sinner live even longer than the righteous. Leave jugement to God

  19. Come on, everyone dies. Nyirongo was still going to die whether he was a fake prophet or not. Are all people dying in road accidents & other accidents paying for their sins? no. God can let a sinner live even longer than the righteous. Leave jugement to God