My performance speaks for itself – Lungu


Republican President Edgar Lungu says his performance since assuming office early this year speaks for itself.
President Lungu says anyone can tell how much change has taken place in the country during the last seven months of leadership.


He says the number of foreign Heads of State that have visited Zambia in the last 7 months are a rating for anyone to see that Zambia’s international profile has improved.

President Lungu has cited his recent trip to Malawi as one such indicator that speaks for itself pertaining to his performance.


He notes that besides improving trade between Zambia and Malawi, he is certain such trips to neighboring countries will enable Zambia know what is happening in the region.

President Lungu says he does not want Zambia to lag behind in regional matters, stating that his desire is to see the country become a leader in the region.


And President Lungu has reiterated that traditional leaders play a critical role in reaching out to the common man on the street.

He says if government therefore involves traditional leaders in Zambia’s development agenda it is likely to achieve its goal.


The Head of State states that this is why he is usually encouraged to meet with chiefs and exchange notes with them on how they are fairing and inform them of how government is doing.

President Lungu was speaking to journalists in Lusaka this morning shortly before departure for North-Western Province for a scheduled two day visit to Solwezi and Zambezi districts.


He is accompanied by among other government and party officials Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda, Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda, Lands Minister Christabel Ngimbu and PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri.




  1. Ideed change is there; load shedding, fuel price hike, depreciation of the kwacha against the dollar, ratsa fees hike, mealie meal price hikes, stalled projects, bank interests hike, massive job loses, huge Govt debt, more PF cadres using not only pangas but guns also, etc. Indeed things have changed.

  2. Yes it speaks for itself,increase in fuel price,meali meal price,bus fares plus loadshedding…awe mwandi even da blind cn see da change,da deaf cn hear it n da mute cn speak

  3. And I quote, ‘He says the number of foreign Heads of State that have visited Zambia in the last 7 months are a rating for anyone to see that Zambia’s international profile has improved.’ End of quote.

    How has this helped Zambian’s economy if not for the worse?
    The thing is,those trips he keeps on taking are merely to gain him allowances,this is not 1935,Zambia has its eyes wide open now.

    • As regards your quotation, let me put it simple since you’re confusing matters here: Number of visits by foreign Heads of State in 7 months has translated into improved international profile for Zambia.

    • Mr Silungwe,the international profile thing is straight forward bt you hv answered the wrong question,my question is,’How has this helped Zambia’s economy if not for the worse?’

    • mr Mumba when a foreign head of state visits, what they discu does not bear fruits their and then, it takes time for you to see the benefits, if you heard the news yesterday Zambia and Malawi are setting up a power plant to exchange power between the 2 countries, do you think that can hapen in a flash of a minute? the economy can go down a bit, but it will stabilise, zambia is a country and not a farmily, you need to plan for you to change and improve certain things, the few months Lungu has been in power can not make him improve everything, it took 6 years to see Levys works and you want to see the same in Lungu whose been their for less than a year, His laying the foundation, norwander his travelling, you can’t develop in Isolation