Chinese man builds fake police station

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With his collection of handcuffs and the siren on his car, inspector Lei looked every bit the Chinese policeman. His wardrobe was filled with the black blazers of a crime-busting bobby and his office contained an armoury of stun guns for subduing the outlaws he claimed to hunt.
But inspector Lei was not all he seemed.

When police raided his home in the city of Wuhan last week — acting on a tip-off from his disgruntled girlfriend — they found a fake police station that had been meticulously crafted by the fraudster cop.


Photographs published in a local newspaper showed a bust of Mao Zedong and a Chinese flag adorning the conman’s imitation interrogation room. “With his disguise he was very deceptive,” Tang Hui, the real-life cop tasked with investigating the impersonator, was quoted as saying. — The Guardian.


  1. If it was not for God, the Chinese would have made to create fake players like of Messi, Ronaldo and others and make them to transfer to other clubs. lol