Wife says she prefers hubby’s friend as he is circumcised

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A MAN of Kitwe has pleaded with the Buchi Local Court to dissolve his marriage of nine years because his wife is allegedly having an affair with his circumcised friend whom she claims satisfies her sexually.

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This is in a case in which Mukelebai Hakainde has sued Precious Chungu for divorce on grounds that she has no regard for him as a husband due to her demeaning language.
Hakainde narrated before magistrate Elizabeth Banda that his wife is having an affair with his friend and that she often brags that her boyfriend has a big manhood than his, which she describes as small.

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“I discovered that my wife is having an affair with my friend and she claims he is circumcised with a big manhood, which she desires. I cannot continue with a woman who has no regard for me as her husband,” he said.
He further told the court that he has a joint account where they had K12,000 but that his wife allegedly squandered the entire amount claiming she was given the funds by him out of love.


“I got gratuity from work and used part of the money to procure a plot and household goods and I remained with K12,000, the money which my wife claims I gave to her and yet the money was meant for business ventures. I want the court to help me retrieve that money from her,” he said.


But Chungu told the court that problems in their marriage started when her husband allegedly started having extra-marital affairs with different women.
She told the court that she and her husband would stay for days without talking to each other, a situation which resulted in them not having sex.
In delivering the verdict, magistrate Banda granted divorce on the basis that the two could no longer live together as husband and wife due to lack of love.


“I find that this marriage has no communication, which has affected your sexual life. If I reconcile you two, it will be a marriage of pretense,” Ms Banda said.
She ordered Hakainde to compensate Chungu K10,000 to be paid in monthly instalments K500 and granted custody of the children to the latter.


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  1. how did she knw dat hubby’s friend was circumcised?was she cheating on da husband?