Cop narrates how fellow officer was struck with a machete by a suspect

Zambia Police
Zambia Police

A POLICE officer has narrated before Kitwe senior magistrate Daniel Musonda how his fellow officer was allegedly struck on the head with a machete by a suspect, while trying to arrest him.

Evaristo Mwango, 24, of house number 881 Racecourse, is facing one count of grievous bodily harm.


Jordan Mubiana testified that on May 9, he reported for work and that around 05:00 hours, in the company of two fellow police officers, went to Racecourse to apprehend the accused.


The police officers were led to Mwango’s place by his co-accused.
“Upon reaching the house around 06:00 hours, we knocked at the door and Mwango opened. But when he learnt that we were police officers, he went back in the house and came out with a machete and struck Mr Chongo on the head,” he said.


The court heard that Mwango tried to attack the officer again, prompting Mr Mubiana to fire four warning shots in the air, but this did not deter the accused.


“I then shot him on his leg because I was scared that he might hurt one of us again,” Mr Mubiana said.
Mwango was apprehended and taken to the police station where he was charged and arrested.