Law Association of Zambi insists on referendum


The Law Association of Zambia – LAZ says government should pursue the referendum as a means of enacting the new Republican Constitution regardless of cost implications.

LAZ Vice President, LINDA KASONDE says it is more costly to organise a Presidential election when the incumbent dies than holding a referendum.

Ms KASONDE says this is because the current constitution does not provide for Presidential Running Mate clause to allow the transition of power without an election.

She has also urged government NOT to pursue piece-meal amendments of the constitution because the country has since 1972 undertaken various Constitution Review Commissions but has not enacted a people driven constitution.

Ms KASONDE said this in LUSAKA today during a Media Breakfast Organised by the Grand Coalition on the Constitution Making Process.

The Law Association of Zambia is member of the Grand Coalition.

Other organizations that constitute the Grand Coalition on the Constitution Making Process are Oasis Furm, Council of Churches in ZAMBIA, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia and Non-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council-NGOCC.

The Grand Coalition on the Constitution Making Process has also called for the enactment of the new Republican Constitution through a referendum.

OASIS Forum Chairperson, Father CLEOPHUS LUNGU says the referendum will guarantee the enactment of the people driven constitution and also shield it from manipulation by politicians even where there is a regime change.

A referendum is a general vote by the electorate on a single political question which has been referred to them for a direct decision.