UPND has failed to heal from election loss – Chama


In a statement obtained by Qfm news, Mr. Chama says they have noted with even deeper sadness that, in collusion with a tabloid and some on-line publication, the UPND has doubled its dosage of hate and envy against President Lungu as they attempt to distract him from executing national duties.

Mr. Chama notes that the absurd and disrespectful remarks by UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa who after running out of names to call President Lungu is quoted in a tabloid saying the President, who by the way is the President of this great nation is being controlled by former President Rupiah Banda.

He says it is not only disrespectful to suggest that the Head of State popularly elected by the great people of Zambia cannot make his own decisions when he has made some of best decisions since he assumed office after thumping Mr. Mweetwa leader Hichilema in a free and fair election.

Mr. Chama adds that President Lungu has released the draft constitution and given a road map without anyone’s help citing that President Lungu has appointed the first female vice President, a female Chief Justice and a female Commerce and Trade Minister without anyone’s help.

He says for one to continue suggesting that President Lungu is being ‘tutored’ by external characters is contemptuous and cheap.


Mr. Chama explains that President Lungu is a good and intelligent man and is a man the great Zambian people have chosen to lead them stating that they believe he deserves the respect of a leader and not the contempt and hate being spewed by Mweetwa and replayed in some tabloids with agenda’s of promoting hate.

He has further advised Mr. Mweetwa to grow up and exercise maximum restraint from being used as a peddler of hate speech by people with an agenda full of hate stressing that the election is over and Mr. Hichilema lost hence UPND have to live with it.

Meanwhile, Governance Activist Maurice Malambo says the opposition ought to start respecting President Lungu as he is a duly elected Republican President.

Mr. Malambo has told QFM News in an interview that the UPND should not dwell on President Lungu’s statement that he had no vision when in the actual sense he meant that he will build on late President Sata’s vision.

He says the UPND should grow up in politics and not engage in immature politics stating that it is one of the greatest opposition political parties in the country.


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