2 nabbed for desecrating graves

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Police in Chibombo district have arrested two people for allegedly tampering with two graves at the traditional graveyard located in Chiyuni area in chief Chitanda.

Chibombo District Commissioner Felix Mang’wato told ZANIS that both the police and chief Chitanda have confirmed to him the tampering of the two graves and the arrest of the two suspects.

Mr. Mang’wato named the suspects as Kebby Chapusha and Martin Kasenge both males and of chief Chitanda’s area.

He said the tampering of the graves occurred between Wednesday and Thursday last week.

Mr. Mang’wato narrated that some people were spotted re-digging the graves in the traditional graveyard by some members of the community who later reported the matter to the chief retainer for chief Chitanda.

He said the chief’s retainer then informed chief Chitanda who also immediately reported the case to the police in Chiyuni.

Mr. Mang’wato said upon realizing that the police and some community members were aware of their actions, the suspects abandoned the digging of the two graves, which they had even managed to open.

He said one of the suspects however left a coat on the scene which helped the police to identify him and later apprehend him.

Mr. Mang’wato said after further investigations, the police arrested another suspect.

He said police have also recovered the tools which are suspected to have been used in desecrating the graves.

He said police have continued with investigations to establish how many people were involved in the digging of the graves and the motive behind the act.