Big Brother Africa – End Of The Road For Mira


The second evictee in tonight’s first eviction show is the pretty and slender lady from MozambiqueMira started off appearing as a shy girl on the show but in the first diary session with Biggie, she assure him that she was not at all shy and wished Africa to understand this. She said that she was just very nervous at the launch show and may have given off that she was shy.

Perhaps Africa began believing that she was not much of a shy girl with the scandal on Friday’s party night when she kissed Luis and Nhlanhla. This was not anticipated from the reserved and somewhat quiet lass but all that was forgotten as events were blamed on the alcohol.

Tonight it was sad to see her go. When her name was announced she immediately lunged into Luis’ arms for the last embrace in Biggie’s house. Luis cried and Idris and Sipe comforted him. She embraced Luis again and they kissed as she rushed out of the house.

She told IK that she was happy to be out of the house as she had been missing home. She also said that she enjoyed getting to know Trezagah from Mozambique.

Keep watching Big Brother Africa and bear witness as the atmosphere changes in the house.   


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