Big Brother Africa : Zambia’s RESA, first housemate to be evicted

Resa – Zambia
Resa – Zambia

Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo are the official auditors for Big Brother Hotshots. They are given the unenviable task of  tallying up the votes and announcing the unlucky evictees and to give a stay of execution to the remaining housemates who were also up for eviction. 

How does the vote work, you might ask? All week the continent has been voting for their favourite housemates and as there are thirteen  countries and one ROA vote. Viewers vote via social media and via SMS. Each vote cast using these methods all carry equal weight, that being one viewer popularity vote. Viewer popularity votes will be tallied for each housemate eligible for eviction within each voting region. The housemate with the most votes per region will receive that regions popularity vote, (if a tie occurs, the region popularity vote will be split equally). Those with the least regional votes are evicted. If there is a tie, a second round of votes will be tallied.

The first housemate to be evicted form the Big Brother Hotshots is Resa. She is asked to leave the house and soon joins IK on the live stage for her live interview. The room seemed to turn cold as 12 housemates were made to stand. Resa seemed to take the news well but the news did not go down well with her friend Sipe, who immediately wept. Esther shouted out “I love you Resa” as she as the Zambian lass hurried out of the house. She told IK that she was at piece with the turnout of events and mentioned that she would miss Sipe the most.

Tensions and nerves are high as the next evictee will soon be announced and the house is left in a sombre mood.

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