Chilangwa bemoans poor Mapatizya road

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Chilangwa bemoans poor Mapatizya road

Zimba, September 3, 2014  ZANIS—–Home affairs Deputy Minister Nixon Chilangwa says it was saddening that after 50 years of independence people of Mapatizya were still subjected to a poor road network.

Speaking during the official opening of Mapatizya police post in Zimba yesterday, Mr Chilangwa said the Kalomo- Mapatizya road was in a deplorable state and needs urgent attention.

Mr. Chilangwa says the PF government was working hard to see that there is good road infrastructure in the country.

Mr. Chilangwa appealed to the people of Mapatizya and the area Member of Parliament to support the PF government and ensure that there is good road and school infrastructure in the area.

“It is sad that after 50 years of independence people of Mapatizya are still subjected to poor road network, and it is unfortunate that your area member of parliament is not here today, we need to change the approach we have towards things”, said Mr Chilangwa.

The deputy minister noted that since the PF came into power it had embarked on constructing roads and providing a good road network for the people.

He added schools were being built to improve the education standards.

Mr Chilangwa  appealed to the people of Mapatizya and the area member of parliament to support the PF government in its quest to develop the area.

“ I will engage your MP so that we can work on the road network here. The road from here to Kalomo is very bad and one has to take hours for a 110 kilo meter drive,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr Chilangwa applauded Kariba minerals Gem-fields group for playing a leading role in ensuring that the police post project comes to fruition.

He urged the mining company to continue playing its part of corporate social responsibility.

“I know that as a company you do not only take profits but you have provided the much needed employment for our people in the area. As government I wish to reiterate our commitment in ensuring that we continue creating an enabling environment for both our local and foreign investors. As a ministry (Home Affairs) we will do all that which is within our power to ensure that your business ventures are not disrupted by criminal elements, ” he said.

Mr. Chilangwa implored the Mapatizya community to support Kariba Minerals and other small scale mining companies in the area.

“Let us support them, they are our main economic stay here and you know that the majority of their employees are you the locals,” he noted.

The deputy minister also urged the employees at the mining company not to resort to violence and damaging of property when resolving labour disputes.

“When there is a dispute, I beg of you not to resort to damaging property, use the available channels to resolve any dispute such as your member of parliament, Labour office and above all embrace the spirit of dialogue. Treat these economic ventures as your own property. For those that may resort to stealing any of these mine properties, I can assure you that no stone will be left unturned in ensuring that you are brought to book,” warned Mr Chilangwa.

And the deputy minister assured the police officers deployed at the Mapatizya police post that the PF government is doing everything possible to ensure that their working condition is improved even further.

“The PF government is ensuring that housing; rural hardship and remote allowances are provided to our officers working under such type of environments like Mapatizya,” he added.

And southern province police commissioner Mary Chikwanda appealed to government to help the Mapatizya police post with transport.

Ms Chikwanda said the police post is too far from the nearest police station in Kalomo, a distance of about 110 kilomtres and that it is serving a vast area.

Ms Chikwanda said the police post also requires  extra accommodation so that manpower levels are raised.

The police commissioner said the post also needs communication equipment for easy and speedy flow of information.

“With these operational problems withstanding, I wish to assure you that the institution will do its best in ensuring ,at the business community and locals in the area are given the much needed security coverage. When fully equipped we intend to open all other sections of the police service such as Gender etc. In the long run the police post will require to be upgraded to a Police Station grade B, ” She added.

And Kariba Minerals Managing director Cyrille Djankoff  said  the mining company will continue working  with the ministry of home Affairs and the police command for the improvement and the continuous security of Mapatizya community.

Kariba Minerals which is jointly owned by gemfields plc and ZCCM-IH yesterday handed over Mapatizya police post to government in Mapatizya, Zimba district.