Kazungula DC laments over CLTS

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Kazungula District Commissioner Pascalina Musokotwane says Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) should be taken seriously in every community in the district.


Mrs. Musokotwane charged that government adopted the CLTS approach in communities so that preventable diseases can be addressed.


She said in order for government to make better decisions, there is need to have a clear picture of what is happening on the ground in terms of sanitation .


The District Commissioner said this at Chief Nyawa’s palace yesterday in a speech read on her behalf by Kazungula District Education Boards Secretary Samson Sakala during a CLTS orientation meeting for village headmen.


Mrs. Musokotwane said every village is expected to submit monthly reports on sanitation  activities adding that the community champions responsible for going round collecting the reports should be given maximum support.


She stressed that the CLTS approach has proved to be effective in improving sanitation concerns in  many African countries and Asia adding that it aims at stopping the vice of open defecation which is detrimental on people’s health.


Mrs. Musokotwane urged people in the chiefdom to work together and stop open defecation and make the district a healthier and better environment for all.


Meanwhile, Kazungula District Education Boards Secretary Samson Sakala disclosed that most schools in Kazungula district did not have enough toilets.


Mr. Sakala said he was happy that the CLTS approach which is directly connected to the schools was introduced in the district.


Mr. Sakala said children can be motivated to go to school if the environment was conducive for learning with all the needed facilities such as clean water and adequate toilets.


And AKROS- Zambia Washe Surveillance Officer Russpatrick Scott urged the community in Nyawa chiefdom to improve sanitation so that the donors of CLTS programmes can see the need to continue giving them the much needed support.


Mr. Scott emphasized on the need for the community champions to be consistent in sending their monthly reports so that the donors are kept well informed the sanitation activities.