Youths challenged to access empowerment funds

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Youths challenged to access empowerment funds

Choma, August 7, 2014, ZANIS….Government through the Ministry of Sport, Youth and Child Development has appealed to youths in the Southern Province to take advantage of the youth Empowerment Funds to create employment and better their lives.

In an interview with ZANIS today, Youth Development Coordinator  Sitali Mukonka said the allocation of K1.5 million towards the youth development   fund was a huge opportunity which youths should take advantage of and apply for the loans.

He said the department of Sport, youth and Child development had done its work of sensitizing all the youths in all the districts of Southern Province to apply for the loans.

Mr Mukonka  added that the department will ensure that all the money allocated is disbursed to viable youth projects that would be approved in the province.

Mr. Mukonka said youths in the province had no excuse to make as the government has committed itself to improving their lives through the youth development funds.

“On our part we have done massive sensitizations on how youths can access these funds and we want to ensure that all the amount allocated to the province is disbursed to viable youth projects that will be approved,” said Mr. Mukonka.

‘And I, therefore call upon all the youths in the province to take this opportunity to apply for the youth empowerment fund to improve their lives and complement governments efforts in job creation,” he added.

He said so far the provincial office has only received 80 application forms from youths

Some of the projects   the youths are required to apply for under the fund include income generating projects such as those in agriculture, tourism, among other sectors.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mukonka said the provincial technical committee would soon sit to scrutinize all the application forms from the youths in the province.