Katele calls for adherence to approved Budgeting Policy


Former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba has urged the financial authorities in the country to become more disciplined in ensuring that the approved National Planning and Budgeting Policy is adhered to.

On Thursday this week Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba announced at a media briefing held in Lusaka that Cabinet had approved the National Planning and Budgeting Policy intended to guide the country’s planning and budgeting process.

But Dr. Kalumba is of the thought that adherence to the National Planning and Budgeting Policy should be binding on all controlling officers in various government departments and Ministries.

He has told Qfm news in an interview that unless the Zambian civil service becomes an active implementer of what the political officials have committed themselves to do on behalf of the public, the country will always be involved in what he has termed as dynamics without change.

Dr. Kalumba has explained that dynamics without change are a situation where a country could appear to be moving towards development but without any change.

He says this is why his hope is that the approved National Planning and Budgeting Policy will not become vulnerable to be being abrogated as some other well intended policies have been fractured going by the country’s annual Auditor General’s reports.

He says it is high time that Zambia moved away from such dynamics without change which he says the country’s civil service and other stakeholders that are involved in the implementation of the public policy seem to be pre-occupied with.