Mbala prison recommended for closure


Mbala Municipal Council health inspectors have recommended for the immediate closure of Mbala State Prison.

Mbala Municipal Council Public Relations Officer, David Simfukwe, revealed the development in a press statement released to ZANIS today.

Mr Simfukwe revealed that the State Prison has been recommended for closure due to the violation of Public Health Act and Sanitation laws.

He said the prison is over-crowded and has inadequate cell space for inmates as a cell, which is supposed to accommodate two inmates, is currently accommodating nine inmates.

The Public Relations Officer mentioned that the institution lacks latrines in cell rooms hence inmates are using buckets during night time.

He noted that the institution is also experiencing smell nuisance which is caused by untreated human excreta discharged in an open pit within the prison premises.

Mr Simfukwe said the prison is experiencing erratic water supply which is worsening the situation as the three pour flush toilets are in a deplorable state.

He revealed that the newly contracted cell and ablution blocks are constructed using substandard material rendering the institution unfit for prison use.

The Public Relations Officer recommended that the prison constructs water born sanitary facilities to improve sanitation at the prison.

Mr Simfukwe said the prison should be decongested as the current situation is a health hazard.