Zambia’s Organized Family launch album in Namibia this Saturday, April 19, 2014


By Clemence Tashaya

 They have taken the Namibian music scene by storm wooing fans across all tribes in the land of the brave with their captivating live acts as well as their fascinating lyrics.

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Once they take to  stage, the pair is nothing but  thrilling with dances and vocals that are very captivating and yet surprisingly temperate.  It is their fourth live performance in Namibia but this time at the newly opened Chez Ntemba night club in Katima Mulilo. They are Zambia’s sensational duo, Organized Family, dreadlocked siblings Kent Singoyi aka Orga Kent who is also the lead vocalist, and Rex Singoyi aka Orga Rex.  Wherever they have performed since their songs Koka Kola and Minga Munsomba  and Marco Polo hit the SADC region’s airwaves and  dance floors, the pair have not only lived up to their reputation, but also enhanced it with performances that have left revelers salivating for more.

Organized Family started in 2000 and they have five albums up to date, namely Orga(2004), Sinzakutangila (2006), Missed Call (2008), Koka Kola 2010, Kabende (2012) and now their latest offering, Ringtone, which has been received well by listeners and fans alike.  Still riding off the success of the Koka Kola and Kabende and Marco Polo hit songs, the duo also launched exciting and mesmerising videos such as Marcopolo in Basket and Koka Kola.Spokesperson of Chez Ntemba and owner of Zambezi Intwiza, Sylvester Simabuli,explains that this Easter Saturday, revellers will be entertained not only by the famous Organised Family but there will be local artists such as Shikokoshi. “The winner in the Shikokoshi dancing competition will walk away with N $ 500 cash after convincing revellers that he/she is a top dancer for the competition,” says Simabuli

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Songs such as Botolo Top,  Hungry Lion, Facebook and Train as well as Njota popularly known as Potato Salad in Zambezi region, Botswana and in Zambia, have become very popular in shebeens and night clubs. “We are very happy that Namibians love our music so much, and that is why we are constantly coming to perform here.  In fact, Namibia is our second home for it has hugely played a part for us to be here,” Orga Kent says.  “Our first performance here was in 2013 at Old Chez Ntemba in Windhoek, followed by Rundu and last year December in Katima Mulilo and since then many Namibians have fallen in love with our music, and as a family, have also fallen in love with the warm heart of the land of the brave.  We were moved by the huge fan base we have in Namibia as initially, we thought our music is only in Windhoek but we are amazed to find the music also popular as far as Ongwediva, Oshikango and here in Katima Mulilo,” says Kent.

“That gave us the urge to coming to Namibia anytime because there is no difference between the two countries,” adds Orga Rex.

East or West, home is the best, so they say.  But for the Zambian duo, Namibia seems first.  The duo will launch their fifth album titled Ringtone  at Chez Ntemba night club on this Easter Saturday.  This will be the second launch of their album in Namibia as they also launched their fourth album Kabende in Windhoek last December. Talking about the album, Rex says: “The title track is a combination of two songs, Double Crossing andTitanic a picture that the youngsters are very creative instead of the old guys.   The duo has been singing since young.  They have been brought up in a Christian family, which they say modeled them to be much disciplined.  The latest offering has fourteen songs.

“The idea of music started with our parents and as the first born, I continued to maintain the legacy after singing at church for some time.  At that time, Rex was managing a very big choir as a master and it made things easier for them to start their own group,” says Kent.

Adds Rex these are many challenges, but the key thing is stay organized, keep the fame and that’s how we handle ourselves.  We grew up in a Christian family, so much that we don’t drink or smoke.  “The two things have the potential of killing one’s career and because we don’t do that, it has helped our performance to remain constant and we do not disappoint our fans.”

“We are working hard, planning on hitting other places on the northern region of Namibia apart from other Western African countries,” the brothers says in unison in a telephonic interview recently. Damage is N$ 50 for ordinary tickets and N $ 150 for the VIPs.

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