Be professional, Zambezi police officers urged


INSPECTOR General of police Stellah Libongani has urged police officers in Zambezi district to be professional in the execution of their duties.
Ms Libongani said there is need for police officers to be dedicated to work and ensure law and order prevails as Government is doing everything possible to improve their welfare.

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She said Government through the Ministry of Home Affairs will this year start constructing 20,000 housing units for officers in departments such as Immigration, Drug Enforcement Commission and the police.
“Currently the Zambia Police has about 8, 000 housing units for officers countrywide but my coming here was to confirm that this year we are starting to build 20, 000 housing units for all officers countrywide under the Ministry of Home Affairs and so in the near future you will see houses being built here for you,” Ms Libongani said.
She also said Government is committed to ensuring that police officers have enough equipment to use to fight crime in communities.
“We are looking at issues like anti-riot equipment, protective equipment and equipment to carry out forensic examinations so that as you protect the community, you are as well safe,” Ms Libongani said.
She also bemoaned the lack of a police station in Zambezi but assured that it will be built in the district once resources are sourced.
“Such a situation is not desirable. It will be easier to do the policing job if you had a station with all facilities but as soon as resources are found a police station will be constructed,” she said.
Ms Libongani said the police want to see that police posts are within reach of the public, especially in the newly created districts where there is poor police infrastructure.
She urged police officers in the district to apply the law firmly but treat all the people in a fair manner regardless of their status in society.
“As officers we must ensure that we treat everyone in a free and fair manner,” Ms Libongani said.
And Zambezi district officer commanding officer Dennis Mwiinga said the local authority has already allocated the police a piece of land for the construction of a police station but  the project could not start due to lack of funding.
Ms Libongani is in North-Western Province on a routine visit to check on police infrastructure and get first-hand information on the challenges her officers are facing.

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