Govt. calls for mechanization of water system in Gwembe District



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Govt. calls for mechanization of water system in Gwembe District

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Gwembe, March 26, 2014, ZANIS—Government  has called on the mechanization of Gwembe’s water systems in an effort to ensure clean drinking water.



Gwembe District Commissioner Alice Mwiinga says it was high time the district started to think of  tapping  power  through the mechanization of  water systems for the community to  benefit from tap water, rain water harvesting, and mechanized boreholes.

Ms. Mwiinga said there was urgent need to use water resource to the fullest in order to enhance development.

The District Commissioner said this in a speech read for her by the District Education Board Secretary, Himmonde Nzila , in Gwembe District.


This was during Water Day celebrations in Jongola held on Monday.

And the DC has commended the Colin Glassco Foundation for improving access to safe water in the district.

She further commended Water Aid that is implementing a three-year pilot project in the district in KKoma, Fuumbo, Sinafala, and Jongola wards that is meant to improve hygiene in the district.

The Canadian-based Colin Glassco Foundation has drilled about 407 boreholes across the district.

Water Aid is encouraging communities to fence water points, build latrines, dish racks, bathing shelters, dig rubbish pits to improve hygiene and sanitation in the district.

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