Parley Reforms committee on tour

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Parley Reforms committee on tour

Luwingu, March 24, 2014, ZANIS —The parliamentary reforms and modernization committee is undertaking a tour of northern province to educate the people on the role of constituency offices.

ZANIS in Luwingu reports that the Committee, headed by Mwinilunga member of parliament Stephen Katuka held a public meeting in Luwingu district over the weekend where it sensitized people on the duo roles of the office of the Member of parliament and the functions of the MP.

And speaking at the public meeting, Sinda Member of Parliament Levy Ngoma said the committee was sad to learn that the Members of Parliament for Lubansenshi and Lupososhi constituencies in Luwingu district were working in isolation at the expense of development.

Mr Ngoma said he was disappointed to note that the two members of parliament were working in isolation and failing to bring development to the communities they represented in parliament.

He said the two MPs should instead support each other in the quest to bring development to the area for benefit the community.

And speaking earlier, committee member Chifumu Banda reminded the people that Members of Parliament were elected to represent the people both in parliament and in their constituencies.

Mr Banda, who is Chasefu Member of Parliament said MPs have a duty to be available to the public and help to solve problems in their constituencies and at the same time report  to their constituents on what was happening in parliament.

Mr Banda said that MPs are elected representatives who must be accountable to the people they represent in parliament and that they must act in the public interest.

And parliamentary reforms and modernisation committee chairperson Stephen Katuka said the committee was in the district to carry out sensitization on the existence and role of constituency officers and the function of members of parliament.


Mr Katuka said most communities fail to differentiate the roles of the legislature, the executive and judiciary.

Mr Katuka said MPs are in privileged positions to influence high level decision making to benefit the communities they represent in various constituencies.


The parliamentary reforms and modernisation committee held successful meetings in Lubansenshi and Lupososhi constituencies of Luwingu districts.