BIGOCA condemns CSO’s move on Constitution

Bible Gospel Church in Africa

BIBLE Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA), Bishop Peter Ndhlovu has condemned the decision by some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to take the campaigns to push for  the release of draft constitution to churches.
Bishop Ndhlovu said CSOs, politicians, churches and other stakeholders must dialogue to find a peaceful solution to the problem.
He said in an interview yesterday that churches should be used for worshiping and promotion of peace and not to antagonise each other. Bishop Ndhlovu said 2014 was a year of jubilee which churches should preach freedom, peace and recovery because the country did not want to see conflicts degenerate into war.
He said that his church would not take part in such activities but would stand ready to seek dialogue with Government and other people concerned.
“What the CSOs, Government and other people involved should do is to create dialogue through a round table meeting because the Church should not be used for antagonising others. It has a mandate to people and sovereignty of this country,” said Bishop Ndhlovu.
The Bishop further urged churches not to take sides and not to be used by any politicians because its role was to promote peace, love and unity.
He said that it was the duty of the church to play a leadership role where there was perceived failure of leadership through prayer, adding that a country could only have one President at a given time.
“As a church we are not supposed to preach hate or conflict equally Civil society and Government must reach dialogue. Government should open up for dialogue while civil society must also accept to dialogue” he said.
The CSOs had resolved to push for the release of the draft Constitution through the platform of the Church.


Times of Zambia