Harnessing the potential of ecosystems is essential-Namwala DAO

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Namwala District Administrative Officer Godwin Sanjase says that success in economic growth requires harnessing the potential of ecosystems to satisfy the demands of water and energy which are essential for life.

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Mr. Sanjase development is a double edged sword which reduces poverty, triggers economic growth and builds an inclusive society


He was speaking in Maala area of chief Mungaila at Shimayoba Basic School to mark world water day which fell yesterday.


Sanjase noted the need for combined efforts in water and energy sustainability as well as managing the environmental impacts of water and energy.


He observed that global warming, population growth, urbanisation and growing consumption of water and energy continue to disrupt the already fragile ecosystem.


He said human development depends on the environment which is a complex collective asset that ultimately provides the water and energy services, on which life and the economy depends on.

Mr. Sanjase added that increasing and competing demands on water and energy as well as the changes required to cope with them may compromise the potential of nature to sustain economic progress and continue providing other valuable environmental services


And speaking at the same function Namwala District Council Chief Administrative Officer Ricky Masiliso stressed the need to recognise cultural, environmental and economic importance of clean water.


He said that there is need to distribute water equitably and increase the efficiency of water use especially in agriculture.


Msiliso said the health and environmental benefits of improved sanitation and hygiene are enjoyed by the community which is fundamental to social and economic development.


He further added that there was need to collaborate the private and public sectors as well as members of the communities in ensuring sustainable supplies of water.


Masiliso disclosed that Namwala Council drilled a total of 104 water points in one year.


He stated that this year funds for 42 boreholes have already been set aside from CDF and drilling of 28 boreholes funded by Ministry of local government.


He added that World Vision is scheduled to drill 12 boreholes making it 82 boreholes expected to be dug this year.


Meanwhile, Namwala Council Chairman Macloud Moomba says that the new approach of community led water and sanitation programmes shows considerable promise in rural communities.


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