IG calls on COPS to observe human rights

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IG calls on COPS to observe human rights


Kaoma March 23, ZANIS—Inspector General (IG) of Police Stella Libongani has implored police officers to observe human rights when executing their duties at their various stations.


Ms Libongani said police officers should work tirelessly and suit with the new developments that government is providing especially those working in the newly created districts in the country.


She said officers are expected to work professionally and observe new government policies in a bid to prevent crime in various communities.


“As police officers, I don’t want to receive complaints from the general public concerning abuse of human rights, let’s not attract complaints but work diligently and observe other people’s rights,” said Libongani.


Ms Libongani said this yesterday when she ended her familiarization tour of the newly created Luampa and Nkeyema districts after touring Mongu, Shangombo and Kalabo districts in Western province.


She said government will soon construct and transform all the police posts in the newly created districts into modern police stations country wide.


Ms Libongani assured officers that development is going to take place in Nkeyema district because of the peace and cordial relationship that is prevailing in the country.


She has however, requested Western Province Police Commissioner Lombe Kamunkoshi to send women police officers to Nkeyema police station that is currently being manned by three male officers in order balance gender for critical and sensitive female matters.


Ms Libongani said officers should continue working hard despite being few in order to combat crime as government is committed in fostering infrastructure development in all the 39 newly created districts in the country.


“Government is going to construct office accommodation and housing units for all the police officers especially in the newly declared districts in the country,” said Libongani.


Ms Libongani was accompanied by the police spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda among other senior police personnel.