Government pledges to address farmers concerns

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Government pledges to address farmers concerns

Luangwa, January 8, ZANIS —–   Luangwa District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba says government is aware of the problems farmers were facing and that it is doing everything possible to improve on it in the next farming season.

Speaking when he launched the distribution of 400 X 50 Kg bags of D- compound fertilizer at Mphuka ChildFund offices yesterday, Mr Mumba said the PF government of President Michael Sata was aware of the problems farmers were facing in terms of input distribution and it was doing everything possible to correct the situation.

He told the farmers at Mphuka who on Sunday wanted to protest over the late arrival of fertilizer and demanded to be repaid their K400 per pack that his office understood how upset they were with the late arrival of the fertilizer but this was due to some technical problems beyond the District Office but this has now been sorted out.

The District Commissioner said there was enough fertilizer to benefit all the 177 farmers that contributed K400 per pack which is 2 X 50Kg D- Compound and 2 X50Kg top dressing fertilizer.

Mr Mumba however cautioned the farmers to use the farmer Input Support programme for the intended purpose of improving food security in homes and not to sale the fertilizer to other people.

He warned that anyone who will be found selling fertilizer outside the district will be visited by the law and appealed to the farmers to report anyone found selling fertilizer.

The District Commissioner also assured the farmers that top dressing fertilizer was on its way and will arrive in the district anytime.

He said government has given the district 400 X 50Kg bags of top dressing fertilizer which will be distributed together with D- Compound in the other areas.

And Chief Mphuka of the Chikunda people has commended government for sending the 400 X 50 Kg bags of fertilizer and called on the Ministry of Agriculture to improve in input distribution in the next farming season.

Chief Mphuka said he was happy that the fertilizer had finally come but appealed for quick and timely delivery of farming inputs in the next farming season so that farmers can plant and apply fertilizer on time.

Meanwhile, Luangwa District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba also launched the distribution of the 42 metric tonnes of relief food saying the PF government will not allow anyone to die of hunger as it will do everything possible to mitigate the hunger situation.

Mr Mumba said government was aware of the hunger situation in Luangwa district which was caused by poor rains and the human/ animal conflict.

He said government and other stakeholders such as Child-Fund – Zambia were in the process of putting up solar fences to protect the fields from animals especially elephants.

The District Commissioner further said the PF government has put up a lot of programmes such as the Farmer Input Support Programme, and the Fertilizer Support programme in an effort to improve food security in homes so that no one dies of hunger.