Zambia Long weekend – 216 road traffic accidents with 20 deaths

16th 2013 - Chibombo accident 20130717_041406
16th July 2013 - Chibombo accident 20130717 -
Truck Drivers  Cheat death in July 19th  accident between Kapiri Mposhi and Copperbelt
Truck Drivers Cheat death in July 19th accident between Kapiri Mposhi and Copperbelt

The Zambia Police says it recorded 216 road traffic accidents throughout the country during the long weekend compared to 119 accidents recorded last year during the same period.

Police acting Public Relations officer Rae Hamoonga in a statement issued to QFM News says of the 216 accidents recorded, 16 were fatal in which 20 people lost their lives.

Mr Hamoonga says this year’s accidents left 48 people with serious injuries compared to 2012 which had 25 people sustaining serious injuries.

He says 44 people sustained slight injuries in different accidents during the long weekend, compared to the 110 people who sustained slight injuries in 25 road accidents in 2012.

Mr Hamoonga adds that of the total number of accidents recorded, 131 were damage only accidents compared to last year’s 70.



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  2. It is sad indeed, all we seem to read about these day are fatal accidents. What has gone wrong with our road users or is it that the roads have become too small and need expansion? God help us!