Santa Monica College shooting

Shots Fired Near Campus of Santa Monica College

As many as three people were shot in an outbreak of gunfire near Santa Monica College on Friday afternoon as a man dressed in black sprayed buildings, passing cars and a bus with bullets, the police and witnesses said.

The police said a suspect was taken into custody. There was no immediate word on his identity or whether he had been injured.

The shooting took place about 10 minutes away from where President Obama was attending a private fund-raising lunch before heading for Palm Springs for a meeting with the president of China.

Authorities and witnesses described a chaotic scene as the gunman moved quickly through the campus and the nearby streets on a bright June afternoon.

Joe Orcutt, who works at the bursar’s office, said he went out to investigate after hearing what he first thought was a car backfiring and then realizing it was gunshots. Mr. Orcutt said he saw the man dressed in black walking down the street and holding a gun, and people fleeing in fear.

“He turns and points his gun at me, and at that point I jumped out of the way,” he said. “He shot and I ducked out of the way.”

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